What We Inspect

Professional and competent home inspectors are fully trained in the proper operation of all common home systems.

These systems generally include:
  • Structural Components:

    Foundations, floors and walls.

  • Exterior Components:

    Siding paint, windows, decks, garage doors, etc.

  • Roofing:

    Coverings, flashings, chimneys, etc.

  • Plumbing:

    Piping, fixtures, faucets, water heating and fuel storage systems, etc.

  • Electrical:

    Wiring, main service panels, conductors, switches, receptacles, etc.

  • Heating:

    Equipment, safety controls, distribution systems, chimneys, etc.

  • Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps:

    Cooling and air-handling equipment controls and ducting, etc.

  • Interior:

    Partitions, ceilings, floors, railings, doors and windows, etc.

  • Insulation and Ventilation:

    Attics, walls, floors, foundations, kitchen and bathrooms, etc.

Additional Fees

Additional fees can apply to inspect these systems:

  • Multiple Unit Inspections
  • Detached Garage

Special Inspection Services

Additional fees usually apply for these inspection services:

  • Termite and Pest Inspections
  • Radon Testing
  • Septic System Inspection
  • Water Well Inspection
  • Water Testing

Can be arranged at upon request

Types of Home Inspections

There are many other types of property inspections offered by home inspectors, depending on your needs:

  • Current owner Inspection - a concerned homeowner having an inspection done to make sure there are no hidden problems

  • Pre-purchace Inspections - these are part of a real estate transaction ordered by the potential buyer and by far the most preformed inspections

  • Pre-listing Inspection

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

A home inspection ordered by the buyer that reveals defects may:

  • Cause the buyer to think the seller is hiding something.
  • Cause tension between the buyer and seller.
  • Create new price negotiations.
  • Cause an inexperienced realtor to feel that it "KILLED the DEAL".

A home inspection ordered by the seller before the listing will:

  • Inform the seller of any defects they may be unaware of before listing.
  • Allow them the opportunity to correct before listing.
  • Allow them to include in the seller's disclosure to eliminate negotiations.
  • Allow the seller to advertise a "pre-inspected" house.

If requested, Suburban Home Inspections, LLC will for a nominal charge, return to the house and re-inspect any items corrected. We will generate a complete new report free of any of the corrected defects as if they were never there! This is great peace of mind for the seller as there will be no surprises when or if the buyer has an inspection.

Home Inspectors should present the customer with a clearly written, typed or printed home inspection report, which must conform to the accepted standards of practice for the state the insection is performed in or the standards of practice of the association that the home inspector belongs to.

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